By Matt Steel
16 Jan 2015

Darling, as you grow
from the rapture of childhood
to the cares of adulthood,
you must remember
the power of presence.
If you take nothing else from me,
take these words
to heart.

Enjoy the light.
Enjoy the half light.
Enjoy the dark.
Enjoy your Maker, who enjoys you
with a wild and holy abandon.

Enjoy every moment.
Each is a gift,
whether it brings laughter, tears, screams.
Each moment is wholly formed
and purposely made,
precious in brevity,
boundless in possibility,
ephemeral in passing
and visceral in power.

So inhabit this moment.
Breathe this breath.
Notice the rhythm of your heart
pounding away beneath your ribs.
You have nothing but now, and it is gone
before you can think it.
There is nowhere to be but here.

Lift your head,
lift your big brown eyes, live
in your one and only body, be
in this world and not of it, be
grateful because even death smiles
kindly upon you, offering rest
but not today,
not for you with time still to walk
above the green earth
in your favorite sneakers,
among the trees, beneath the sun,
parting the wind
like sandbars dividing water
in a rivermouth,
giving way and being changed
yet shaping the flow
of currents and consequences
to untold perfect conclusions.

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